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As consumers become demanding with their needs and want, companies constantly aim to enrich their lighting experience. Attempting to create futuristic lighting solutions has led to the development of lighting automation which lets consumers enjoy the comfort of digital access to home or office lighting instead of traditional on/off light switch.

One such product range is LTECH’s Wi-Fi LED Controller that satisfies all current consumer needs owing to features like multi-zone control, sensitive touch control, RGB/RGBW programmable amongst others. Most importantly, the control system is capable of working and being compatible with various lighting applications.

Also, LTECH recognizes the tech-savvy attitude of the era, thereby ensures its products not only supports Wi-Fi control on iOS and Android smart devices but also with Google Home and AI technology like Amazon Alexa. Additionally, the company ensures consumer satisfaction through providing for features that enhance the overall lighting experience such as:

  • Supporting scene-saving and playback
  • Supporting multiple control through multiple panels
  •  Top-notch dimming and colour adjustment
  • Support 3G/4G, WLAN
  • Bluetooth Mesh Controller, Smart Music
  • Wireless RGB controller, with RF remote, long-distance control with strong ability

These features enable consumers to control the lighting of their space with just a click on that Wi-Fi LED controller remote stick. Hence, one could walk into their house and with just one click, the entire house would get lit up. Enhancing it even further, the controller system supports human movement detection to use lighting efficiently, and compatibility with music systems to ensure the lighting for every need and mood.

Hence, with LTECH Wi-Fi LED Controller, Lighting is a Click
Stick Away!

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